So, another year in the books almost and we’ll be celebrating my birthday-eve with a party at JP McGuire’s with my Detroit area family and friends. Jake & I have some great new anthem sing-a-long songs worked up for our show. Think Queen, F.U.N. and more call and answer tunes. As usual, we’ll be taking requests. However, note that in light of it being my birthday, I reserve the right to veto any song that does not make me smile, laugh, celebrate, or be grateful for another year on the planet.

Since it is my birthday, I have a few questions for you, dear fans, friends, and readers…

  • Why do you still care about 7 Million Jigawatts?
  • What would you like to see from 7MJ in 2018?
  • How can 7MJ make your event, party, festival, or wedding more memorable?
  • Did you know 7MJ is available as an acoustic duo, a three, four, five or eight-piece ensemble?
  • Did you know 7 MJ covers a variety of music?
  • Did you know 7MJ would like to play a house concert especially for you?

With over 700 songs in our eclectic repertoire from 1950-60’s soul/pop/rock/r&b/country, 1970’s disco/r&b/rocknroll/country, 1980’s classic rock/pop/party tunes, 1990’s grunge/alternative, to modern 2000-2020 era pop/rock/r&b/blues/soul, 7MJ really can be your jack of all trades event party band to make multiple generations of picky music lovers happy.

So, indeed, hire 7MJ and happy birthday to me.


Melissa Behring Jake Tobias Live Acoustic Music Detroit


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